October 2011

Member Spotlight: Ilan & Guy Ferdman

New York

L1 Leadership Level

PRO Members Since: January 2011

How We Use PRO: 

GUY: I use PRO as an educational platform to empower people to create a circumstance in their life that allows for a breakthrough in their belief about themselves, their business and their lives. I’ve been able to use PRO’s platform to educate myself on marketing anything in the world in the online arena.And as such I market PRO U products and services as well as other products and services that have made a difference for me. We have been able to diversify ourselves greatly online and are currently creating income from about 5 different streams outside of PRO as well. However, we would have not have been able to do that without the education and leadership we get from PRO.

Our Primary Product is the PRO U line; we market through our personal brand “SatoriPrime”.

ILAN: We use PRO to transform people’s lives. PRO has given us the tools, system and community to impact people in the ways that matter most to them – their finances, their leadership skills and their personal relationships. Guy and I have always been committed to transforming the world, one person at a time. PRO has given us the opportunity to impact thousands, if not millions, of lives. We help them get out of their short-term situations so that they can live their lives focused on their long-term dreams.

Our primary product is transformation. Transformation of people’s financial situation, their personal situations, their view of themselves and reality. We help people get out of their own way, so that they can be the person they’ve always wanted to be. We break down the barriers to what they believe is possible. We give them tools to build their dream lives. 

Our Favorite PRO U Courses:

GUY: Simon Sinek’s “Why” Course because of the perspective and insight it offers.


Our Personal “WHY”:

GUY: I challenge people to be the highest versions of themselves, to make them present to what’s possible, and empower them to create a life of their own creation.

ILAN: Breaking down the barriers to what people believe is possible.

Our Favorite Training Calls/Webinars:

GUY: I LOVE Quality Conversation calls for the leadership perspective they offer. I’ve learned so much from listening to the way Aaron Rashkin, Justin Woolf, and Kameron George “BE” with people. Much more important than what they are “DOING” in my humble opinion.

ILAN: For me personally any of the “live lead/applicant

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